Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Sketchbook Snapshot: The Northwest Territories Connection

"Although the Northwest Territories are more
likely to be lumped with "the North" than 
"the West" technically, Tulit'a - a small Dene 
First Nations community of some 500 
inhabitants I visited in March - is farther west 
than most of the United States and Canada."
So began a March column, which reflects on the numerous (and often surprising) relationships between Quebec and the Northwest Territories. 

The impetus for this column was the road trip I've written about in previous posts. The journey was revelatory, the Far North fascinating both culturally and ecologically, and the drive was, well, really really long.
Spotting this cheeky fox out on the ice road at sunset was a highlight of our trip. Follow the link for bluegrass band Nickle Creek's "Fox went out on a chilly night" which we played repeatedly while looking at all the foxy photos we captured.

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