Thursday, March 17, 2016

What I've been drawn to in the West lately

I've been busy working on several writing projects, while still making time to do some sketching.

Recent work includes:

I now have a series of illustrated greeting cards available for your letter-writing adventures. Click here to order yours today!

In mid-February, I gave an invited talk to the UW Dept. of Zoology & Physiology. It was entitled: "Drawn to Science: Exploring the Historical and Contemporary Synergies between Drawing, Creativity, and Science," and a recording is available to watch via WyoCast

Wyoming EPSCoR recently interviewed me about the nature drawing/field journal workshops I teach  (most recent workshop was for Biodiversity Institute on 3/5).

I have begun writing an illustrated natural history column for literary/arts/nature children's magazine root & star. My first piece was published in the spring 2016 issue.

An article of mine was published in American Scientist - Drawn to Caribou - about the caribou researcher I visited in the Northwest Territories a year ago.

I've been writing lots of grant applications, to build up enough funds to pursue my master's writing projects. I have a bunch of information about each of those online (on my website):

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